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CTRwow Release Notes of 2022

Please check below the CTRwow updates for 2022:

Release Notes 05/01/2022

  1. Allow managing CRM Payment Providers from CTRwow

  2. Add Heatmap Report to sites

  3. Instruction when setting up a new checkout page

  4. Add Configure Widget button to quick tools

Release Notes 28/01/2022

  1. User requests:

    • Display site name in the builder

    • Import custom fonts when snatching.

    • Upload and manage JS & CSS files

  2. Update Terms & Conditions, Policy on the landing page:

Release Notes 24/02/2022

  1. Behavior Flows Report under Analytics.

  2. Users can view and download receipts in the Billing History section.

  3. Update landing page

  4. User requests:

    • Warn user if the published page is going to overwrite another file in the host

    • Funnel: Change the default funnel page name and allow users to change it to avoid duplication with index pages

Release Notes 15/03/2022


  1. Facebook Server-to-Server Postback to Conversion API

  2. CTRwow Referral Program

  3. Remove Heatmap and Funnel Tracking scripts and only add them to the page when needed to improve page performance

  4. User requests:

    • Add a history of Undo/Redo for users to review, and also to track the issue with Undo/Redo

    • Export Heatmap reports.

CTRwow App

  • Update App Setup flow.

Release Notes 31/03/2022

  1. Enhancements for Behavior Flows report and additional filters.

  2. Integrate with

  3. Force users to change the password every 3 months.

  4. Update referral code to be more friendly.

  5. User requests:

    • Remove dummy text in some elements when starting to edit them.

    • Update the terms in Funnel builder.

Release Notes 21/04/2022

  1. Updates for billing feature: new Managed Service package.

  2. BE service to integrate with 29next CRM.

  3. Enhancements for Behavior Flows Report.

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