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CTRwow Release Notes of 2021

Please check below the CTRwow updates of 2021:

Release Notes 08/01/2021

  1. GTM Tracking for Listicles

  2. Improved Performance Reporting

  3. Activity Log - Track Page Changes

  4. Enhanced Exit Pop functionality

  5. Bug Fixes

Release Notes 14/01/2021

  1. Enhance Link element editing.

  2. New Editor role which can only publish to the default host.

  3. Autosave is moved to Azure Blob storage.

  4. Add CTRwow watermark into the source code.

  5. Bug fixes.

Release Notes 24/03/2021

  1. Enhance Asset Management.

  2. New features have been developed for the Page Builder, such as highlighting some copies when they are visible on the screen and adding an overlay button to videos.

Release Notes 07/04/2021

  1. Upgrade builder to new GrapeJS version 0.16.45. 

  2. Enhance asset management.

Release Notes 26/04/2021

  1. Users can configure custom scripts to be added to new sites or pages by default, by using the MANAGE>Scripts section

2. Revise the manage hosting settings popup for ease of understanding.

3. Show tooltip on quick tools in builder to provide users more information.

4. Default Page View Events are added to new pages automatically.

Release Notes 12/05/2021

  1. New Sketch plug-in to export design from Sketch to CTRwow and create a new page from it.

  2. Export to Crowdin for translation and import the translated file to create a new translated version.

  3. Enhance asset management.

  4. Add numbered/bulleted options into the builder.

Release Notes 25/05/2021

  1. Support managing common translation files and excluding the common phrases from exporting (Crowdin Integration)

  2. Support exporting translation files to the local machine (Crowdin Integration)

Release Notes 08/06/2021

  1. Track funnels and generate Split Traffic Reports to support Split Testing.

  2. Save as a custom widget feature in the builder.

  3. Keep all URL parameters when navigating users through a funnel.

Release Notes 24/06/2021

  1. Support Heatmap report in Split Traffic Reports for Split Testing.

  2. Updated the Translation feature to reduce word counts when exporting to Crowdin.

Release Notes 01/08/2021

  1. Updates to improve site performance:

    • Automatically generate WEBP version to use for uploaded images.

    • Apply aspect ratio to images to prevent content layout shift.

    • Apply lazy load automatically to all images.

    • Swap font during page load.

    • Introduce Condition Splitter in Funnel Builder: traffic can be split by country, device, or URL parameters.

Release Notes 24/08/2021

  1. Update design of website.

  2. Introduce Image Editor: Users have an option to edit images, including resize, crop, rotate, flip, in the asset manager.

    Refine Tag filtering feature to make it more usable.

  3. Add Mouse Movement Map and Clickmap to Heatmap Report.

  4. Implement some users' feedbacks:

  • Mark test orders as tests in the list.

  • Cancel button in Save popup.

  • Permission icon.

  • Freeze the top panel in the Analytics section.

  • Search field in page list.

Release Notes 27/09/2021

  1. Track and report traffic based on locations and devices.

  2. Add scroll map to heatmap report.

  3. Enhance CTR calculation and report

Release Notes 27/09/2021

  • Improve search bar for websites and funnels sections.

Release Notes 15/10/2021

  • Revise and add some new metrics to Dashboard and Analytics sections
    Note: Websites and Funnels need to be re-published to track these new metrics.

  • Added the Internal or Affiliate Offers to track Revenue in Funnels

  • Support xliff format for Crowdin translation integration.

Release Notes 22/12/2021


  1. Analytics

    • S2S Taboola Postback

    • Show details analytics report in popup

  2. Billing: Show billing history in the Billing Information section, and it is also available in the Billing History section

  3. CRM Integration: Manage Products page (MANAGE>Products)

  4. Split Test: Track conversions from checkout pages in another company.

CTRwow App

  • Update app installation flow to select Silver or Gold company from CTRwow to connect.

  • Allow deleting campaigns.

  • Save Hosting Settings to reuse.

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