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CTRwow Release Notes of 2020

Please check below the CTRwow updates for 2020:

Release Notes 05/03/2020

Feature released: 

1. Product list:

  • Users can hide/show products on the list.

    2. Publish Site & Funnel

  • Get Link feature is available after publish Site/ Funnel successfully Show link publish, user is able to click visit or copy this link to open site/ funnel

  • Status of site/ funnel publish successfully: Published

  • Email notification to end-user email after site/ funnel publish completed.

    3. Report on Dashboard:

  • Visit

  • Click

  • Revenue

  • Conversion.

Release Notes 13/03/2020

  • Pages are now optimized for performance.

  • Resolved caching issue.

  • Customized image component to allow uploading 3 different images for desktop, tablet, and mobile - Next step is to integrate with an image processing tool to auto-generate all 3 images using a single image uploaded by the user.

  • Allow users to add custom fonts.

  • 3 Presale templates and Leadgen templates are available.

  • Restructured Components (widget) to be treated as content stored in the database to load into the builder.

Release Notes 20/03/2020

Successfully release leadgen site ( for traffic with below functionalities:

  • Collecting user fingerprint ID when landing on the site, if the user completed the survey before, we redirect to offer list.

  • On survey completion, it’s displayed a list of at least 6 active deals that are defined in CTRwow. If all answers are NO, the defined Top Offers and expired ones are shown.

  • The number of offers that need to be completed starting from 6, when the user lands on this page again, we call CRM to check their email and compare it with the list of active offers. Those offers will be marked as claimed and the number is updated.

  • On the offer page, we get customer information collected from survey-based on fingerprints and prefill the form.

  • On the confirm page of the offer, a button to go back to the home page of the survey is displayed. If users don’t click it, they are redirected automatically after 8 seconds.

Release Notes 09/04/2020

  1. Create components (widgets) and templates for upselling, warranty upsell, mini upsell pages following the new Golden Template in Jan 2020. Now we have a full-funnel flow template.

  2. Enhance EF, GTM, CTRwow tracking for leadgen sites.

  3. Implement some extra features for users:

    • Email Collection Popup widget

    • List of animations to apply on CTA buttons

    • Slug field to set up a friendly URL for SEO.

Release Notes 23/04/2020

  1. Enhance the interface to get CTRwow into better shape for launch:

    • Allow uploading thumbnail images for templates/sites, enhance the screenshot capturing if thumbnail is not uploaded.

    • Update Widgets section.

    • Enhance/Fix remaining UI issues.

  2. Create new templates.

Release Notes 08/05/2020

  1. Update Permission Levels for Templates and Widgets: Private, Company, Global.

  2. Create Analytics section and revamp Dashboard.

  3. Add Lazy load configuration to the Image component.

  4. Create icons for built-in components.

  5. Update ACPTA Official Templates with new requests and offers.

Release Notes 05/06/2020

  1. Updates for ACPTA Official site and Leadgen API.

    • Update tracking as new logic from Analytics.

    • Automatically re-order offers based on performance from CRM.

    • Store status of the completed survey.

  2. Improve API performance based on the stress test results.

  3. Manage Section:

    • Web Properties

    • User Management

  4. New CTRwow landing page.

  5. Some new widgets for Client site build.

  6. Listicle template.

Release Notes 25/06/2020

  1. Apply permissions for Funnels and Dashboard/Analytics.

  2. Manage Web Properties: Status and Unpublish feature, manage external Landers and Offers.

  3. Manage Media Assets.

  4. Manage Hosting Settings.

  5. Update + Add agreements for sign-up and used snatch.

  6. Update and create some new templates.

  7. ACPTA Official: Track each answer from the users to improve the analytics team report.

Release of CTRwow 29/06/2020

We’re excited about the soft launch of our new CTRwow product! Please use the following form if you have any feedback on the platform: CTRwow Feedback Form

Here is our soft launch video with an overview of the software:

Release Notes 09/07/2020

  1. Manage Affiliate IDs, Scripts, Traffic Sources.

  2. Apply permission on dashboard and analytics.

  3. Option to include JS in Snatch.

  4. Improve caching for performance.

  5. Default publishes are hosted in .

  6. Update and create a new template.

  7. Create new widgets brought over from CMS to start the transition to CTRwow.

Release Notes 23/07/2020

  1. Snatch bar progress.

  2. Report on widgets being used on a page.

  3. Personalization for ACPTA Official.

  4. Update and create some new templates.

  5. Create new widgets brought over from CMS to start the transition to CTRwow.

Release Notes 06/08/2020

  1. Support multiple companies to connect/share the same CRM instance.

  2. Update user feedback

    1. By default, show the widget when it is enabled on the page.

    2. Support heading tags.

    3. Replace all similar CTAs at once.

    4. Copy hosting settings.

    5. Support custom port for SFTP.

  3. Pagination for component list in Builder.

  4. Update site permission inside Builder.

  5. Update and create some new templates.

Release Notes 20/08/2020

  1. Simplify the Style Builder for ease of use. We now have Basic and Advanced tabs to group the properties.

  2. Listicle widget and template which reorders the offers automatically based on traffic performance from CRM.

  3. Introduce Lock Page for Editing feature to support team collaboration.

  4. Support users to bulk-replace images to swap out all the images faster.

  5. Updates for ACPTA template

  6. Create some new templates

  7. We have created most of the widgets required from CMS to start the transition to CTRwow, only some special widgets are left. They will be created when we need them.

Release Notes 03/09/2020

  1. The simplified Style Builder is live on Production with some extra improvements from users’ feedback.

  2. Keep Page History (up to 30 latest versions) for recovery. Users can also add comments to specific versions.

  3. Improve Lock Page for Editing feature for Page Settings.

  4. Create some new templates, more widgets, and new email templates.

Release Notes 17/09/2020

  1. Users are able to select pages to publish, instead of publishing the whole site.

  2. Improve User Experience on Lock for editing feature: Users are notified that they need to click the lock icon to start editing the page.

  3. Improve User Experience for duplicating sites: Users can select the pages to be duplicated, change the page names and slugs, and select to duplicate the CRM campaigns at the same time if needed.

  4. Other improvements: page performance and make a page as a template.

  5. Create some more widgets.

Release Notes 01/10/2020

  1. Rearrange Listicle Offers automatically based on EPC.

  2. Update Funnel URL to use funnel node parameters.

  3. Save Settings section updated.

  4. Automatically add DMCA to web pages when creating and before publishing.

  5. Background system to manipulate traffic from stolen pages.

Release Notes 16/10/2020

  1. Manage Email List. Emails captured from the Email Collection widget are now stored in CTRwow and then synchronized to other platforms (CRM only at the moment).

  2. Manage Blog Contents for content writers to create new blog posts for e-commerce or corporate sites.

  3. Store Source value for registered users.

  4. Improve published page performance. 

Release Notes 30/10/2020

  1. Improve Snatch service to handle sites that have lazy load enabled.

  2. Allow users to add their Affiliate IDs during registration and show/hide appropriate templates.

  3. Feedback form to collect users' feedback on every page.

  4. Improve visibility of the Lock for Editing button.

  5. CTRwow maintenance page.

  6. Complete the features for Blog Content.

Release Notes 12/11/2020

  1. Improve funnel analytics report.

  2. Improve templates organization.

  3. Improve the listicle auto-organization feature.

  4. Update Leadgen template to support listicle-style offer wall.

  5. Page list filter in the builder.

Release Notes 27/11/2020

  1. Improve publishing UI:

    • Select pages as step 1

    • Confirm host information

    • Remember the last published location and pre-select.

  2. Improve asset management:

    • Auto compress

    • Multiple delete

    • Keep duplicate file names

  3. Broadcast announcements to all users.

  4. Improve listicle features:

    • New metric: EPV

    • Ascending/descending numbering.

  5. Manage scripts and set them as default to be added to new sites.

  6. Support Phone Number field in List Management

  7. Some additional features:

    • Show tooltip for widgets

    • Wrap with span quick tool

    • Setting for page auto-unlock

    • Separate GTM ID for each page

    • Metadata tags for social platforms

    • Preview page template.

Release Notes 18/12/2020

  1. Introduce the Rollback feature.

  2. Resolve Users' feedback.

  3. Upgrade GrapeJS to v0.16.30.

  4. Listicle enhancements:

    • New metric: P_CTR

    • Setting the starting number for the list.

  5. Archive pages feature in the builder.

  6. Some additional enhancements:

    • Log snatched pages in User Activities.

    • Upgrade webpack v4 for performance.

    • Asset management.

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